7 Jun 2011

The Legend of the Krakow Dragon

This is the story... well at least my translation of it.

Once upon a time there was a king... he was a sad king because there was a beast in the land, a dragon. The dragon was eating all of his sheep!

So he called upon all of the soldiers in the land to fight the dragon. So they came and they fought, but none of them could conquer the fire-breathing dragon!

Then a small boy, a young fearless shoemaker came to the castle. He wanted to take on the dragon!

He worked hard and fast and crafted a sheep and hid sulfur inside. Early one morning he went and place it outside of the dragon's cave.

That morning when the dragon awoke he ate the sheep!

He soon became very thirsty and went to the Vistula River to drink. No amount of water could satisfy his thirst and he drank until he exploded! Then the shoemaker gave the princess green shoes?!?! ...okay so the end of this kids book doesn't make sense to me... maybe it's some polish idiom for getting a wife... or winning the princess is too x-rated for a kids book? I don't know... but other versions of the legend say he won the princess.

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