26 May 2011

... or rather DON'T "flycentraleurope.com"

You know the saying, "If something seems too good to be true, it probably is?"... Ben and I were ecstatic when we found a direct flight from the Hamilton (my home town) International Airport => Krakow (the city we are moving to)! Flying with a 4month old, alone seems like a challenging task, especially with layovers and trudging through security points at the huge airport in Toronto... We were so excited that God had provided such a wonderful option for us.

That was until a week ago. Ben was in Poland, making his way around language barriers and unprepared real estate agents... in search of a place to live for our family... when the news hit the air. My dad actually read it online @the Hamilton Spectator.Later it was on the local news... the travel agency we booked with had gone under. ugh.

Needless to say we didn't want to stress Ben out, so we waited until more news came to the surface and found that our $ will be refunded, either by our credit card company, or by TICO, the Travel Industry Council of Ontario, which monitors all Travel Agencies in the province. Thank God for this provision, which will reimburse our money if the credit card company won't!

The same day we found a flight online for even cheaper than what we originally paid (although it has a layover, and flies out of Toronto). So we will land in Poland the same day we originally planned... just on a different flight... and in a different light... Needless to say we won't be 'flyingcentraleurope.com' ever again and we will be trudging through the great maze of YYZ and stopping for 4 hours in Brussels along the way. Maybe Lucas and I will have time to partake of some Belgian waffles :)

Please pray that Lucas would have a good day and not cry the whole way! And for strength, and peace for me as we fly. Looking forward to letting you know how it went from the other side!