15 Apr 2011

On the move...

Move #1
... yesterday we moved out of the home we have been living in for the past 3 months... since a little before Lucas was born. Some dear friends graciously allowed us to be a part of their home, and family so that we would be closer to the hospital and church as we transitioned to life as parents, while at the same time raising support.

what a blessing that time has been!

as we moved out to my parents for 2weeks i began to wonder how we are ever going to make the move back overseas! 3 carloads later and we are finally here... exhausted after a busy and eventful week. Lucas may never remember 'life on the go' as an infant... and then again, he may never know anything different!

in just 2 weeks we will be going to Florida and soon after that making the BIG move to Poland! [more details to come soon