30 Mar 2011

Ottawa Road Trip

Last weekend we trekked up to Ottawa, Canada capital and home of the beaver tail. We shared what God is doing in our lives @ Alta Vista Baptist church and were blessed by our time there reconnecting with people who love God and his kingdom. On the way we made a few other ‘detours’ which I will post about later this week…

It was a first for Ben & Lucas being in downtown Ottawa and we visited (well drove by) the parliament buildings, ate yummy beaver tails, and visited the museum of civilization, which is a really well designed walk thru of Canada’s history.

First family road trip!

Ben & Parliament Hill

Beaver tails

Ben & Lucas

The Grand Compromise?

(we realized that the entire museum was ‘in French perspective’

… as you can tell from this caption for Canada’s date of confederation!... they feel ripped off…)

Krista & Toucan


Kurt said...

I recognize the Beaver Tail stand -- Byward Market! Did you know that Obama made a special stop here when he first visited Ottawa?

Krista said...

yup. the people @ church told us you can even get an 'Obama Beaver Tail' that has whip cream & chocolate syrup... but they didn't have them when we were there!