31 Mar 2011

Great Uncle Brian’s Maple Sugar Shack

On our way up to Ottawa we stopped in Brockville, the home of the "1000 Islands" and grandpa Davis. Uncle Brian lives on a farm with quite a few acres and even more maple trees. Springtime (that is what season we’re supposed to be in right?!) is maple syrup making season and Uncle Brian spends most days boiling the sap from his trees down (50litres sap = 1 litre yummy maple syrup). Uncle Brian and Aunt Sherrie made us some fabulous waffles and sausage down @ the sugar shack which we flooded with the succulent sweet stuff!

Random. We also met uncle Brian’s donkey, Louise! A years back he was rent a donkey for the annual Christmas pageasnt at church. After coming up empty he said the heck with it and bought himself a donkey! Louise also has a main role in the upcoming Good Friday/Easter production!

Sweet deal, uncle Brian sent us home with a litre of maple syrup!


Alice Robbins said...

I miss that syrup!!! Was thinking about it the other day when I had french toast. Store stuff just is not the same!!!

Kurt said...

That's actually a 4 litre container! Or was that just for the picture?