11 Feb 2011


Sometimes I wish blogs had a 'retweet' option... love the thoughts and creativity of Megan Russell (a friend of my sisters)... these two quotes hit me today and i wanted to 'retweet' them...

in Paul’s life and experience
that could be shaken
had been shaken,
and he no longer counted his life,
or any of life’s possessions dear to him.
And we, if we will but let God have His way with us,
may come to the same place,
so that neither the fret and tear of little things of life,
nor the great and heavy trials,
can have power to move us from the peace that passeth understanding,
which is declared to be the portion of those
who have learned to rest only on God.”

_hannah whitall smith

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

What will happen is that
this peace of God will walk round the ramparts and towers of life.
We are inside, and the activities of the heart and mind
are producing those stresses and anxieties and strains from the outside.
But the peace of God will keep them all out
and we ourselves inside will be at perfect peace.
It is God that does it.
It is not ourselves,
it is not prayer,
it is not some psychological mechanism.
We make our requests known unto God,
and God does that for us
and keeps us in perfect peace.

You cannot understand this peace,
you cannot imagine it,
you cannot even believe it in a sense
and yet it is happening and you are experiencing it and enjoying it.
It is God’s peace that is in Christ Jesus.
This peace of God works by presenting the Lord Jesus Christ to us
and reminding us about Him.
If God has done that supreme thing for us in the death of His Son upon the Cross
He cannot forsake us now.

_d. martyn lloyd-jones

love it! thanks megan. my soul needed this truth today...