30 Jan 2011

Breastfeeding Mamas

I don't know who reads my blog... or who will eventually stumble across any random post I write. Since having Lucas just 10 days ago there have been a few things that have helped me greatly as I begin the journey of life with him... specifically the hours we spend together feeding. These are four things that I have found especially helpful:

1.Bebe au Lait Nursing Cover
Seriously, probably the thing that I am most thankful that I bought before the baby came. It makes it so comfortable to be with other people and still feed our little guy. I love the design (mint chocolate) that i got and the little 'window' where i can see the baby but know one else can! I know i will get good use out of it in the months to come!

2. Soothies
A friend recommended these to me before our baby came and said they were a 'must'. I took her up on it and am SO GLAD i did! They are gel pads that are placed over the nipples when the baby isn't feeding that keep them moist and cool. Totally helped me get over the early, painful days... by 10 days things were great! Each set is good for 3 days and I bought 2 of them. The second set was nice to have but were more difficult to use once my milk came in.

3. DIY Burp Cloths
My sister made some of her own burp cloths before the baby came. Since I had a bunch of extra baby print flannel lying around the house anyways I decided to make use of it! I cut out 10 of these just the day before our son came and my mom sewed them for me using her Serger. Super great to have around in case baby spits up or for other fluids around. Easier to use than a receiving blanket and you can more easily throw them in the wash when they are dirty! Here's an some instructions of how you can make your own ~ burp cloths tutorial.

4. Kindle
I received one of these for Christmas, mostly because we are moving overseas and it seemed like a more practical way to buy and read books. But i never realized it would be SUPER handy to have when breast feeding! No pages to turn, easily shuts on & off, and I can engage my mind while still feeding my little guy. I recently bought This Momentary Marriage by John Piper and am loving it! So in the early days while our son was feeding 8-9hrs a day, I got to read my ESV study bible and a spend time reflecting on His creator as well!