3 Dec 2010

Deck the Halls | Christmas Music

So on my new 'advent list' one of the things to do is:
Go to Borders and Pick out one new Christmas CD

which i think is a fabulous idea, since i LOVE Christmas music,
but am normally too cheap to allow myself the pleasure of
buying a new CD. I did this a few years ago in Poland, and
love the CD that i got! So i think i'll start a new yearly tradition....

Here are some i'm considering buying:

1. Glee - The Music - The Christmas Album | Various
~ this one is popular this year, i guess it's from a tv series.
seems upbeat & cheery... probably tops on my list.

2. Let it Snow! | Michael Buble
~ another classical jazz rendition of some Christmas favourites!

3. Handel Messiah: The Complete Work | John Rutter
~ this classic needs to make it's way into my music library some day soon.
it gets great reviews on amazon and is currently 'temporarily out of stock'
at amazon.com... that's gotta say something!

4. James Taylor at Christmas | James Taylor
~ another great jazz album. i guess my music bias is showing itself here...

5. The Incredible Singing Christmas Tree | Veggie Tales
~ came across this one and have to admit i'm a veggie tale addict,
but the reason i put it on my list is right now amazon.com is offering
the whole album as a free download, IF you live in the US. So have at
it my American friends... and let me know if the free download works!

Christmas Songs | Diana Krall
~this was the album i bought a few years back and absolutely LOVE!
Christmas in Canadian Jazz style.