9 Jul 2010

Staying Cool in Dallas

Well one thing this cold weather loving Canadian didn't bargain for when moving to Dallas was staying here in the SUMMER. It has been nearly 100F/40C almost every day for the past few months... But in order to graduate seminary, we had no choice but to stay until the end of July so I could finish my last class. Only 2 more weeks to go, but wanted to share with you some of the ways I've discovered to survive the heat!

#1 - Air Conditioning is Your Friend. What can i say, i have NEVER appreciated air conditioning as much as in the past few months. The mall, seminary buildings, anywhere INSIDE is preferable. Even our apartment, except when the air conditioning kicked up a notch, so did the ELECTRIC BILL...

#2 - A Pool is Mandatory. You see in Canada a pool in one's backyard is considered a luxury (and a heck of a lot of work, to make sure it doesn't freeze in the winter!) But in Dallas, almost everyone has a swimming pool, it's an essential way to escape the heat. We are so thankful for the pool we have in the courtyard of our building, even if most of the time it's filled with little kids!

#3 - Car Shades & Steering Wheel Covers. Seriously a car is NOT a comfortable place to be in 100F/40C weather. Glad a good friend who grew up in Texas warned me that the metal seat belt part can burn you! And that it's a good thing to invest in shades for your car and a steering wheel cover to keep your car from burning up. Thanks Shelley!

#4 - ICE Water Please. I never quite understood why Texans are always drinking water and always use like an entire ICE TRAY to fill their glasses. Well it's HOT and dehydration is a serious threat. It is SO much nicer to go to the pool or drive in the car while your ice water is keeping you cool. Otherwise you may get back from the store to pretty much boiling water.

#5 - Fudgsicles. I just got a box of these for our freezer. Yum.

#6. Waterparks! We are SO excited about our trip to Dallas' biggest waterpark next Wednesday. Hurricane Harbour is full of water slides and pools and wet fun!

So we're hoping not to melt by the end of July, but escape to the beach coast of FL, then to relax in cooler, but very pleasant Canada!


Just Us - The Carlsons said...

Fudgsicles a childhood memory. Not from Texas, but a big fan.