9 Jul 2010


My husband's at work and i thought it was about time for an update. I feel like I don't have many organized thoughts these days... but who said blogging needed to be organized?! So here are some random thoughts or things i've discovered in the past few weeks.

1. Stars Go Dim has a band member that one of my friends is currently recording with. They just released a new album and are offering it for free download. In light of all the "music piracy" interesting that they not only want but are encouraging people to burn, distribute and download their music! I like it - http://starsgodim.com/?download

2. Humility - the other day I was at the Dallas Seminary library and randomly found this book with a really cool cover. Upon opening the book i discovered that it was from the personal library of Lewis Sperry Chafer, the founder and first president of Dallas Seminary! The book was called Humility and it was written by Andrew Murray (first edition!) Ben and I are reading it for the next few weeks for our devotional.

3. Citrus Basil Chopped Salad. I'm LOVING this new salad recipe. It takes a little while to prepare but is totally worth it! (i totally don't think the picture does it justice, so next time i make it, i'm going to try to take a better one!)

4. I'm liking the forever21.com necklace collection and thinking about getting a new necklace to add to my jewelry collection! They are totally reasonable and really cute.

5. For the past few months we have enjoyed Netflix and had multiple movies sent to our home and streamed a myriad of others online (for only 8.99/mth). Something we won't be able to do once we move overseas! Because we're moving soon we've traded Netflix in for RedBox, which is right around the corner from our house! Only $1/day/movie - you can't beat that! Oh the conveniences of America!