31 Jul 2010

God is Our Refuge.

For chapel last week we heard a message on how "God is our Refuge" from Psalm 31. As one of my favorite professors gave the message he said he has been seeking to understand what exactly it means that "God is our refuge"...

He reminded us of the story of David and Goliath and how this small boy defeated the 9ft giant. The speaker said THIS is what it means to take refuge in God, to feel vulnerable, to be at risk, to stake your all on the NAME of the LORD and say, "If God doesn't do this for me, I'm toast!" That is in very essence what David did, he put his life on the line because He believed in the power and the name of the Lord. And God fought for him and for Israel that day!

So taking refuge in God doesn't mean that we'll feel safe, or protected or like we have our full armour on... but it means that we'll feel vulnerable, even unsafe, yet we will be like David, trusting FULLY in His greatness and His great name.

This was so encouraging to my heart, as these next few months as we move out of our apartment and first home and become 'homeless', seeking God's will for our future, and live in a time of not yet knowing... i feel vulnerable, i feel like we are risking, i feel something somewhat similar to what David felt in facing the giant... but He is OUR STRONG TOWER. The name of the LORD can be OUR REFUGE, if we trust fully in Him for our guidance, protection and deliverance. He hasn't let us down yet!