20 Apr 2010

The Riches of Divine Grace

It's hard to believe the semester, and my time at Dallas Seminary are coming to a close. I will officially graduate in May, but also have 2 courses to finish this summer. What a blessed time this has been. I was reflecting this morning on God's goodness in my life and overwhelmed. Then I started on some of my remaining reading for one of my classes and again was overwhelmed by "The Riches of Divine Grace". Here are 33 things that God accomplishes in us when we trust in Christ:

1. In the Eternal Plan of God
2. Redeemed
3. Reconciled
4. Related to God through Jesus' Death
5. Forgiven all Sins
6. Joined to Christ for the Judgment of the Old Man
7. Free from the Law
8. Children of God
9. Adopted
10. Acceptable to God by Jesus Christ
11. Justified
12. Made Near
13. Delivered from the Power of Darkness
14. Translated into the Kingdom of the Son of His Love
15. On the Rock, Christ Jesus
16. A Gift from God the Father to Christ
17. Circumcised in Christ
18. Partakers of the Holy and Royal Priesthood
19. A Chosen Generation
20. Heavenly Citizens
21. Of the Family and Household of God
22. In the Fellowship of the Saints
23. A Heavenly Association
24. Having Access to God
25. Within the Much More Care of God
26. His Inheritance
27. The Inheritance of the Saints
28. Light in the Lord
29. United to the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit
30. Blessed with the First-Fruits of the Spirit
31. Glorified
32. Complete in Him
33. Possessing Every Spiritual Blessing

(As compiled by Lewis Sperry Chafer in Systematic Theology Vol.3)