3 Mar 2010

Fort Worth ~ Cowboy Town

Ben's brother was in town for the weekend and we took him to Fort Worth for a Rodeo. We saw them herd the cattle, saw real live cowboys, ate dinner at this AMAZING barbeque place. Then we went to the RODEO. I am a little shy to say this but I absolutely love the rodeo... the smells, the sounds, the craziness... And my favourite event is the bull-riding... mostly because when the cowboys fall off the bulls get really mad and charge them, chasing them around the arena with these guys dressed up like clowns trying to distract them from their rage of anger.

It kind of reminds me of 'playing with fire' or dabbling in sin... it is fun for like, less than 8 seconds, and then it turns on us becoming violent, raging with the potential to kill us. How many times do i not realize the consequences of allowing sin to even take the smallest root in my life? How I tolerate it, rationalize it, play around with it... until i fall off the bull and it becomes a sin so raging that I have no control over it. Whether it is in finances, integrity, what i watch, what I listen to...there is a reason that God calls us to a holy life in Christ Jesus. He wants us to have life and life to the fullest! So while I can laugh hysterically at the angry bull charging the cowboys... in real life i... we would do well to take warning.



Lauree "LO" Austin said...

no shame in lovin the rodeo Krista!! It's America's summer pastime! So much fun, under the lights at night is my favorite!