2 Feb 2010

Somebody Else’s Name

For women getting married brings to bear a certain identity crisis. I fully believe in taking on the name of my husband thus representing my desire to love and follow him for the rest of my life… however I must admit it is a strange feeling signing my new name to my school assignments, credit card receipts and other documents.

Half of the time I forget and still write Krista Davis, other times I am worried my professors won’t make the connection that I am now Krista Taylor, so I write Krista (Davis) Taylor so I don’t get a failing grade! I have fears that my credit card company or Ben’s bank, will call me up and accuse me of fraud.

And to be completely honest, I feel like I am signing somebody else’s name. After 32 years of being connected with the identity ‘Krista Davis’ I feel like Krista Taylor is someone else. Maybe this is not as much of a mental ordeal for women who get married in their early 20’s but I kind of wonder how long it is going to take me to feel like Krista Taylor. Maybe when we finish in Dallas and move to a new community where no one has ever known me as Krista Davis… I don’t doubt it will happen… I just wonder when…

But for now I will mingle in the in between trying not to let the multiple cards in my wallet confuse me or accuse me. I guess this is part of the transition to married life… to the 2 becoming 1… So if you get something in your inbox or snail-mail from a Krista Taylor… don’t throw it out… think twice. It’s me. Just under my new identity :)