25 Jan 2010

.wedding week 3 ~ pre wedding hockey party.

This may have been my favourite thing the week before our wedding... though it is hard to choose. Several months ago I started dreaming about showing my international friends a good time in Canada and figured no trip to Canada would be complete without seeing a hockey game! So I contacted the AHL team in our city and and found out that they have a private party room you could rent for parties! My wonderful sister took over from there and organized a super fun event with all of our friends and family 3 days before the wedding. My favourite part was this was the day that Ben's family arrived as well as the remaining groomsmen and bridesmaids! It felt like we could have got married that night... but it was just a foreshadow of the celebration to come!

Our wedding party at the hockey game! It was so fun to have them all there (minus my friend Natalie who couldn't make it). 40 people came to celebrate with us. We had some good food before the game and a block of seats reserved!

Ben and I with Clark and Katie... Our ring bearer and flower girl! We LOVE these kids!
Clark is my nephew and Katie my adopted Polish/Ukrainian niece. I was there when she was born! My dear friends Sasha and Ania's daughter (they live in Poland).

Playing a fun newlywed game... "who cooks better?!!?"