25 Jan 2010

.wedding week 2 ~ bridesmaid luncheon.

Our wedding week was packed with fun and friends. The day after we visited Toronto we had a bridesmaid luncheon that my sister hosted for all the girls in the wedding. It was so fun to be surrounded by and prayed for by my close girlfriends.

My sister ordered these really fun cupcakes from sugarbelle.ca and they were AMAZING!

I received some really fun gifts from the girls that I'm sure Ben will like too :)

And we played some pre-wedding games. Katie in this picture was our flower girl... she looked really cute at the bridesmaid luncheon but even cuter at the wedding!

How beautiful it is that God has chosen for us to live in community. I think the monks who dwelled alone in the mountains really missed out. What refining lessons I have learned from all of these women. Watching their lives inspires me to become more like Jesus. Having the opportunity to serve them and live at peace with them through the good times and trials of life has been one of the greatest joys.