21 Jan 2010

.wedding week 1 ~ visiting toronto.

It is a strange day in time we live in where most people who live around the world have probably seen my wedding photo's already on facebook! I have been slow in update my blog for a variety of reasons (...) including adjusting to married life, moving into a new apartment, starting school... but for those of you who weren't able to be at our wedding physically but were there in spirit, i wanted to fill you in on the events and pictures from our wonderful wedding week.

Our first guests to arrive were Sasha & Ania Zubenko and their daughter Katie who was our flower girl! Our mutual friend Laurie also drove up to meet them. Laurie lived in Ukraine with the Zubenko's and the Zubenko's lived with my in Poznan, Poland and we served the Lord together for 4 years on a church plant team. They arrived Sunday.

The next day the four Polish girls: Lena, Majka, Kasia & Zuzia arrived! This is a picture of them outside of the house that i grew up in with Kat Keddy, a girl from my church that they know!

So Ben and I decided to take them skating in Toronto! It was Katie's first time ice skating, ever. She did great. She has such a strong, independent spirit that her parents have moulded beautifully with God's love. She kept on saying, "Dad, i can do it on my own!" and sure enough after about 10 minutes she was doing great!

Her dad on the other hand...

We had a great day in Toronto with our friends!