27 Jan 2010

Wedding Party Tees ~ Wedding Cake ~ Table Seating Frame ~ Ben's Countdown

These are all homemade wedding details. They took a bit of time but i loved being able to give the wedding a personal touch. Thinking about the people in our wedding and our guests was really fun as we prepared for the big day!

A few months before the wedding i got this fabulous idea to make our wedding party tshirts describing their 'role' in our wedding... It turned out to be a long time consuming project but i love the way they turned out! It was fun to break them out at the hockey game. My favourite was Clark, our ringbearers... on the front it said "RING BEARER" on the back it said "I'VE GOT THE RINGS". It fit perfectly as this high energy almost 2 1/2 year old motored around the party room chasing the flower girl dodging between tables and people like cones on an obstacle course!

When we got engaged and started thinking about a wedding cake I knew right away who I wanted to make it! My dear friend Krispy (Kris + Pesorda =KrisP.) is super creative and talented and her and her mom are GREAT cooks! I remember making a turkey with her for some of the basketball guys who had to stay at school over the holidays one year! I sent her pictures of cakes i liked, then just told her to work her magic and be creative. I LOVE what her and her mom came up with.... just amazing, beautiful, original! Thanks Krispy (and Marci) for such a wonderful wedding gift!

Not too many days before the wedding i realized that i needed to do a table seating chart for the wedding banquet! I got some ideas online and love how it turned out! I bought a poster picture frame and scrapbooking paper to make the background. We printed off the tables and then cut and pasted them - voila~ our table seating frame!

For Christmas I gave Ben this wedding countdown calendar. Each day had a note that I had written and a few little gifts! It was great because as our friends and family arrived from out of town we got more and more disconnected ~ having to be in several different places with different people. It was a way I could 'keep connected' with him leading up to our wedding day.


Crystal said...

Hi, Krista! I'm Melinda's mom and I just want to tell you how very much I am enjoying all your wedding posts! It looks like so much fun and all the little details you put together are wonderful. I think it's neat that you are blogging about everything - this will be a great record of your thoughts. Have a wonderful week :))

Anonymous said...

You sure that cake was a gift? Looks like a lot of time and effort went into that - did you even OFFER to pay for it or did you just ASSume that it was a gift? Yeah, I'd be loving life too... if I got everybody else to foot the bill for it.