25 Nov 2009

Sammy the Dog and Clark

Sammy is my sister's dog. This past week we got to spend 10 days with Sammy and my nephew, Clark. Sammy is a little crazy and has lots of energy. She settled down some but still loves her frisbee and can literally play fetch for 2 hrs non-stop.

Clark is my sister's son, my nephew, my parents first grandson. Yes, he's well loved! He is now 2 yrs and 2 mths... and in just a few months he will be our ring bearer! While we were home he loved to wake up Ben by shouting "wake up! wake up!" He loves cars and bath time. He may be the only kid i've ever seen that asks for a bath and asks to go to bed! We had many fun adventures with Clark including once when we went to feed the horse that lives by my parents house he made the noise 'eh - on' like a donkey does... i guess a horse is kind of like a donkey, when you're 2.

We like Clark and Sammy. Now that i'm back in Texas, i miss them already. Good thing I get to see them again in 3 weeks!

* both Clark and Sammy are also co-property of my brother in law, Matt :)