27 Nov 2009

December Calendar

So today is the day after Thanksgiving in the US, which means the biggest shopping day of the year (directly following the biggest eating day of the year). And rather blog about the seven deadly sins, including gluttony and covetousness (aka. materialism) which i am in deep thought about as i read an incredible book on Sin (Sin: Radical Evil in Soul and Society), I figured I would blog on something a little lighter.

This is also the day that many American start to decorate their homes and prepare for Christmas (i wish i could say prepare their hearts and homes... but i'm not sure that is accurate of the greater part of society at all). Anyways... as I spend the day studying, I decided to listen to Christmas music and the other day I found this nifty calendar the other day on www.bluemountain.com. I'm posting it here but they have calendars for each month with theme-filled-funness. Happy Christmas decorating - Enjoy!