5 Oct 2009

The Peasant Princess

I was writing a paper on the Song of Solomon today and remembered that Mark Driscoll does a series on the book and human sexuality. I stumbled across this on the Mars Hill website and thought the video was absolutely hilarious. The topic is also incredibly important in the church, yet so many see it as taboo.

Check out the website for the series - The Peasant Princess

And just a disclaimer, I haven't finished watching the series (only just begun) and have no clue what Mark is going to say. Any of the contents are his views, and not necessarily mine... though i tend to agree with a lot he says, and i think he is a pretty amazing man, because he says things that other people think but won't say...

Oh, also check out the game "Wac-a-Fox" on the website where you get to bop the foxes in the garden (shame, betrayal...) It rocks.