1 Sep 2009


Have you ever had one of those days where you just really feel ALIVE? Where you are keenly aware of the presence of God, maybe by the beauty of his creation or the companionship of friends... Or sensed the thrill rush through your blood as you soared down a roller coaster or set out on a great adventure, all the while being reminded that this is what you have been created for - that He has made you ALIVE for His glory and for His purposes...

This weekend we went cliff jumping. It was an amazing day as we set out at 4.30 to see the sun rise. A gorgeous reminder of God's faithfulness. As soon as we got to the lake there was a race to the cliff and as we jumped over a 30ft cliff the thrill of losing control, even just for 5 seconds in life reminded me that I am not in control of my own life. He is. Ben and i jumped the cliff together and i realized that jumping into marriage, I am also needing to let go of control and trust Ben.

Today i am thankful that He has given me life and breath and that in Him i can know that I am truly ALIVE.