2 Aug 2009

Koszalin - Poznan - Katowice

Our last few weeks in Poland were amazing. We finished up our second English Camp and said good bye to the team from Minnesota in Poznan.
Ben & Me with the Minnesota Team

Saying good bye to new friends in Poznan also gave me opportunity to say hello to old friends. I lived in Poznan for 4 years and still have some very dear friends who live there. One of those a girl we call 'Borowka' who was my roommate and who helped me learn to speak Polish. It was so fun catching up with her over coffee and really yummy apple cake and ice cream in a picturesque cafe off of the Old Square.

Me & Borowka

We travelled home with Dan and Jacob Hash and the team leader from the Minnesota team, Andy. It was a long 6 hr train ride but we were able to relax and rest some after 4 weeks of camps and teams!

Jacob and Ben watching a movie on the train