10 Aug 2009

Florida Days

We had a great time visiting the Magic Kingdom on Friday! It was super hot but it made the air conditioned rides even that much better. It was neat to see the Hall of Presidents and realize that I am marrying an American...

I also liked seeing Minnie's House and the little girls that were wandering around the park dressed liked princesses. Evn though the Disney castle isn't a 'real castle' nor is Disney a 'real world' - the kingdom God is establishing is an eternal, unseen kingdom! I was reminded of my true identity by these little girls... that every day i need to remember that I am a beautiful daughter of the King... a princess!

We have been enjoying time with Ben's family and supporters. It has been good for me to see the world he grew up in. It is a small town and it seems like he knows people wherever we go. What a wonderful family of believers he is part of at Indian River Church. It has been a blessing to get to know his community here. On Saturday we had an engagement party and tomorrow we go to visit Kennedy Space Center!