10 Jul 2009


Our first camp just ended on the 4th of July, (aka. American Independence Day), and also my birthday:) It was a wonderful day, having the campers sing “Happy Birthday” to me in both Polish and English. After we arrived home I visited a campers home for lunch, and then Ben took me out to dinner.

[Ben is a wonderful man that the Lord brought into my life a little over a year ago. He is American and has been serving the Lord overseas for the past 3 years. He came to Poland this summer to help with English Camps!]

It was a beautiful restaurant in downtown Katowice. On the way home I saw a sign in the forest that said “Happy Birthday Krista” and a lantern. Ben said, “Your friends must have done something for your birthday!” So we jumped out of the car and started following the lights… The candlelit path through the forest led to an open field where there was a blanket and candles on the ground. I was surprised and a little confused (thinking that my friends would be there with a surprise happy birthday!) But something even better happened… with music playing in the background Ben got down on his knees and asked me to be his wife!!! I said “YES!”

So after years of waiting and trusting the Lord to bring me a man after His own heart, He has proven himself faithful and good. We are looking forward to filling you in as our story continues to unfold (and having you as part of our story) and look forward to our next chapter together.


Eric Asp said...

Congratulations! What wonderful (though I have to say unexpected) news! So does Ben still live "overseas?" And is that in Poland or elsewhere? And where will you guys locate yourselves in the future? I'm very curious to hear the rest of the story...

Much love (and best wishes) from Amsterdam,


Karolina said...

Glad to hear the news:) congratulations:*