5 Jun 2009

Jumping In

I have close to 2000 pictures from Israel and so much in my mind that I am still trying to process... instead of trying to catch up on blogging i thought i'd just start with today and do 'flashbacks' throughout the summer as God allows the time :)

Well I arrived in Poland Sunday, just in time for church. It has been a whirlwind since then reconnecting with people, meeting with girls, celebrating birthdays, catching up on 10 months of life. It is so fun to see what God has been doing and brings me great joy. It is also humbling to once again be reminded of the great need in Poland. I'm so glad that I will get to play a part in what God is doing here for the next 2 months! Here are some pictures from one of my dear friend Kasia's birthday parties (we threw her a princess party)! Since arriving I've also visited intern training in Czech Republic and seen a friend from Dallas Seminary, Nigel, along with many of my JV co-workers! It was so fun to see everyone and i felt blessed by their warm welcome and embrace. We had a Fala meeting at H2O (the camp here) and I got to see most of my Polish co-workers), then last night one of the worship leaders at church had his final performace for his music degree (in conducting Big Band Jazz)!!! It was so fun! My favourite was a song he wrote 'Peter's confession'... his thoughts of what Peter (Jesus' disciple) must have been thinking and feeling.... it was powerful after being in Israel. He ended with a song he wrote called "The Joy of the Lord"! He had the choir and band jamming to that tune, what an amazing thing. My hope is that this summer when all is said and done, after the hours of work and relationship building and truth sharing... many more will be singing that tune!