13 Apr 2009

"this is what they sold Jesus for"

On Thursday I was teaching English to some women. We went through the Easter Story... we had 12 eggs and each one had something inside. One of the women had received her egg early and had opened it up and was holding the coins in her hand. I saw her read over the verse several times, so as to understand it... As i nodded at her indicating it was her turn to read she replied by saying, "I want to cry".

Surprised I asked her why...?

"because this is what they sold Jesus for"

She had tears in her eyes.

I wish I could tell you more of the story. But for confidentiality, I will just have to end by saying. God's word is still in the business of piercing the hearts of men and women from every walk of life.


Melinda said...

Wow!! That's awesome and I'm sure was a much more profound teaching time than you anticipated.