7 Apr 2009

A New Chance At Life

Good stories deserve to be told... and retold. Some of you may remember a little girl named Ania, that i met years ago at the "Dom Dzieczka" (orphanage) near Poznan. Our church was involved in building relationships with the kids out there, and one day, well... Ania became my friend.

If i remember right, i coloured with her. Then she gave me her picture. Then we played together outside all afternoon, on the playground equipment that I was taking pictures of for my friend Mark.

Mark is on the international playground safety committee in the US and wanted to come back to Poland (after being there for an English club) and build a playground in a place with need. He asked me if I knew a place that could use a good playground. Right away the orphanage came to mind. 35-40 kids (under the age of 16) live there at any given time with 3 full time care-takers! Needless to say they spend much time on their own getting into trouble and had less than 'safe' playground equipment. It was the picture above that made Mark's heart break for this little girl and together with his wife, Nancy, they decided to adopt her!

As they began the adoption process I knew there was not a good chance of it going to completion. Poland is full of corruption, especially in this area. I had hope and prayed that God may bring this little girl out of a life of survival into a loving family. But i didn't know... (The above picture was taken at the orphanage about a year later)
This picture was taken last fall in Missouri at Mark, Nancy and Ania's house. By God's grace, power and mercy the adoption went through! Not only did Mark and Nancy adopt Ania, but also her brother David! Ania is a smart little girl who is now 10 and after only a year is fluent in English! We played school and went roller-blading, to an NFL game and even played in her backyard on the playground equipment.

Today as I talked to Mark, Ania's dad i was overwhelmed with thankfulness and joy for how God has redeemed this little girl, from both a life of physical, emotional and spiritual poverty. Today I found out that 3 weeks ago Ania gave her life to Christ!!!!!!! What a beautiful picture Ania's adoption is of the way that the King of the Universe has adopted us into his family from complete poverty. He has given us hope and a new chance at a full life, one full of adventure and meaning! I only pray that Ania will grow into a young woman who will desire to give back to the Lord ALL that he has given her. What a beautiful story.

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