3 Mar 2009

Sleeping in Airports

So i'm trying to decide how to get from Frankfurt to Poland after my school trip to Israel and it seems that sleeping in London-Stansted may be my best/only option... (i've been looking for over a month!) So in looking for options of where to sleep in the area I came across this website -

After getting laid over in JFK and having to sleep there i think it is hilarious that travellers have banded together and created a website advising which airports are good to sleep in and which ones aren't! Stansted gets a 2 out of 3... mid-range... it's only one night :)

I thought these two tips were fun...
Act Innocent: Even if you sleep in airports on regular basis -- Do Not Act Like A Professional!!! Act like you REALLY do not want to be there and that there is absolutely nowhere else to go. I find crying helps. Remember, in the airport officials' eyes "the airport is not a motel." Ha, little do they know....

2) S
till bored and can't sleep? Take photos of the airport to pass the time!!!


Tyler and Melinda said...

Your post is hilarious. I'm also amazed that there is a website about sleeping in airports. We've never had to sleep in an airport but it's been close a few times. We've flown into and out of London Stansted before. It's pretty nice, bigger than I expected and very clean. Do your flights arrive late and leave early?
Are you excited for a trip back to Poland? Are you going to be there for the summer? I'm sure there are a few people you want to see.