2 Mar 2009

Happy March

download each month here

While March may seem like just one more month of the calendar year here are some really cool free calendar downloads i found on a blog i follow. The graphic designer has posted them for free download - to colour the front of your fridge!

As an "ode to march" i chose my 10 favourite random march holidays...

1. national pig day - march 1st... sorry you already missed it... i know you are disappointed
2. dr. seuss's bday - march 2nd... it's true i overheard cat in the hat yesterday in target!
3. multipersonalities day - march 5th... go ahead be your 'other' self
4. dentist's day & oreo cookies first day of sale - march 6th... go ahead take your dentist some oreos to thank him for being a great guy
5. my sister jen's bday (which she shares with barbie!!) - march 9th... does she really age?!
6. pi day -march 14th... get your nerd on!
7. st. patricks day - march 17th... go green! and pinch those who don't!
8. chocolate covered raisin day - march 24th... this may possibly be my favourite...
9. make up your own holiday day - march 26th... sounds too oportune for some twisted communist leader
10. something on a stick day - march 28th... interesting, with some of my friends, this one scares me!



Tyler and Melinda said...

Who knew there were all these holidays in March? I like that Oreo cookie day and dentist day are the same date. ;) You're so creative in the things you find and the things you post. Hope this semester is going well. Hugs!

Holly (me.) said...

"Make up your own Holiday" day... is actually our wedding anniversary. I suspect my Mr. will wholly approve this random tidbit.