8 Mar 2009


The words of this old song really hit me today...
It is about the beauty of Jesus... the one whom i serve
and long to be conformed to his likeness...
oh how i long to be beautiful in inviting to life,
beautiful in not worry about death,
and beautiful in laying down my life...
Jesus, you are beautiful. And i'm forever grateful
for your example, for the cross for your power.

He is beautiful in heaven,
Beautiful on earth
Beautiful in the womb,
Beautiful in his parent's arms,
Beautiful in his miracles,
Beautiful in inviting to life,
Beautiful in not worrying about death,
Beautiful in giving his life and Beautiful in taking it up again;
He is Beautiful on the cross,
Beautiful in the tomb,
Beautiful in heaven.
Listen to the song with understanding,
And let not the weakness of the flesh
Distract your eyes from the splendor of his beauty.

[Song to Christ - Augustine]