16 Feb 2009

Ride 'Em Cowboy!

Giddy up! Saturday night I had a truly Texan Experience... the Rodeo! Some friends and I went to the Fort Worth Stockyards to engage in this truly cultural Texan event! It was SOOO fun! I can't wait to go back... Here are some pictures complete with a short clip of one cowboy falling off his horse!



Alice Robbins said...

GREAT you finally got there! Two questions? Was the cowboy cute and how long did it take him to get up and look like he was not hurt? :)

Tyler and Melinda said...

Too fun. We went with Tyler to his first rodeo in Alberta this summer. It's great to see all you girls wearing your cowboy hats. What was your favourite event?

Krista said...

it took him like 5 minutes... i thought he might be dead... and i don't know if he was cute, but he was short - so out! but i found out where you find yourself a cowboy in Texas!!!

my favourite event was... ALL of THEM! i liked when the let all the kids on the field at half time and then release a sheep that had to run away from them. i like the bull riding- that was fun!

ut_eagle said...

You are now officially more Texan than I am.