11 Feb 2009

Here I Am

I have a confession to make. I am a song replay junkie.
I listen to songs over and over and over again... if it were possible to burn out an .mp3 file... i would!

Recently this song has been in my head and on my heart.
As thankful as I am that God has brought me to Dallas, this semester is harder than last.

I am having a hard time with the mega-churches & mega-resources, and the knowledge of mega-lost people around the world. God continues to break my heart for the lost, and the hundreds of thousands of people who will die today never hearing the name of Jesus in unreached countries... while there are SO many believers here in Dallas.

I know that God has brought me here for a time of training. I want to love my brothers and sisters in Christ here, but there are some things from American cutlure, I don't want to accept, or adapt. I long for others who hold the cure to the cancer of the soul to value it so much that they can't keep it to themselves. I'll keep on praying that for Dallas and the saints here...

The chorus of the song, "Here i am, send me out... for You and Your glory..."

Take me far away from here
Save me fro this world of fear
Break me from the thing I hold so near
they're so far from You

Reveal to me what You want me to do
Place me where Your will draws me to
Lord be pleased with the worship I bring to You
I sing to You, I shout to You!

Here I am, send me out let me shine for Your glory
I will read, I'll live out and proclaim Your Word
Take me now show me how I need to live not for me
But for You and Your glory.


majka said...

Krysia mam tak samo;p to jest starszne,ale czasme tak aż do znudzenia kilkadziesiąt razy pod rząd. Ostatnio tak miałam z ,,My hope,, z Twojego Village church^^. a teraz sobei odświeżam Twój blog, żeby słuchać tej piosenki.
break me from...

Tyler and Melinda said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, feelings and a wonderful song. God still has the strong desire in your heart to do missions. I see that in your words and know that this is only a season for you. I pray that this time will be a refining, a developing and a preparing for you to be sent again to reach more people for the Lord.

ut_eagle said...