28 Jan 2009

Gotta Love Texas!

So it's a little funny to a Canadian girl that the great state of Texas shuts down when there is a hint of winter... yesterday it was cold and a little icy and the campus closed down at 5pm. I woke up this morning to this notice on the website. No school! Yippee! I feel like a little kid in elementary school. One of my professors here said, "Education is the only thing you pay for then hope you don't get!" There may be some truth in that.

All that being said, even Canadians would recognize that black ice is the most dangerous of all winter conditions, and that is what they seem to get here. The way people in Dallas drive (fast and crazy) leads to excessive problems on the motorways and people spiralling out of control. Needless to say, i'd rather them cancel school and plus it gives us all more time to read the million pages we still have left to read this semester!


Tyler and Melinda said...

It always seems funny to me when southern States close down due to a few centimetres of snow, but when you're not used to it or how to drive in it than better to be safe than sorry. I hope you had a restful day, even with all that reading. We've had snow and rain today, and tonight it's suppose to freeze, so New York is enjoying winter weather as well. Just a little white stuff to make you feel at home. ;)

Kurt (aka Krista's dad) said...

Bunch of wimps!

We drove through two foot drifts on our way home tonight after a day of helping the Miseners move. PTL for an all wheel drive vehicle :)

Do you want us to send you some salt so you don't slip on the sidewalk? LOL