22 Jan 2009

God's Refrigerator Art

Yesterday at chapel the speaker was talking about business in Christian service, the balance between rest and work; recharging and discharging. He quoted Oswald Chambers in saying, "The greatest competitor of devotion to Jesus Christ is service for Him." I think what struck me most and will remain in my mind is the word picture he used as he closed...

In referring to all our great works of ministry and service (knowing that some listening in the audience will go on to be the most influential men of the church in the coming decade) he said that all of our acts of service are like Refrigerator Art to God...

Take for example the drawing above. Why does a parent or grandparent put up their child's picture on the fridge? Is it becaue he truly believes that his child is an 'art progidy' likely to become the next Picasso? That his creation is likely to end up in the National Art Musuem? NO! If we were honest we would admit that the child's art really does not IMPRESS the parent. But he hangs it on the fridge out of LOVE for the child and RELATIONSHIP to the child. He places the childs art in a place of honour to be viewed not because it impresses him, rather it pleases him.

How freeing and greatful i am to serve a God who delights in me and is pleased by my desire to serve him and others, yet TOO great to ever be impressed.