31 Jan 2009

What You Don't Expect to Find at Seminary...

So i was listening to a Triniatarianism lecture today and the professor played a rap for us done by a former student on "the trinity". It was pretty darn amazing... so i started looking around for the video on youtube (found it!) And in the process discovered that he is the rapper now known as "The Ambassador" (see bio below) And I thought how cool that Dallas Theological Seminary is producing individuals for the sake of Christ's glory in as many forms & styles as there are students here. That's one thing i really appreciate about DTS, is the freedom to be who God has created me to be - for His glory. They have said that a few times... but finding things like this really affirms it! Here is the rap on the trinity - (since the seminary has a filter... you'll have to wait until i can get off campus to upload the rap)


the ambassador, cross movement records

Artist: The Ambassador
Genre: Hip Hop / Rap
Label: Cross Movement Records

William “Duce” Branch a.k.a. “The Ambassador” is a co-founder and primary spokesperson for the nationally known Christian rap group The Cross Movement (signed with Cross Movement Records (CMR)) and is co-leader of an inner city church plant (Epiphany Fellowship) being launched in Philadelphia, Pa, USA. Duce also served for several years as the president of the non-profit organization Cross Movement Ministries.

Duce has been ministering the Gospel through rap and preaching for nearly fifteen (15) years seeking to be a model and a messenger of the gospel’s transforming power especially (but not exclusively) among the hip-hop generations. With a passionate commitment to the kingdom of Christ as well as a firm belief that faith must integrate with culture, Duce has become known for his devotion to proclaiming Jesus Christ to urban contexts, and through urban mediums.

He holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Bible from Lancaster Bible College as well as a Masters degree in Theology from Dallas Theological Seminary (DTS). His master’s thesis, Theological Implications of Hip-Hop Culture served as the inspiration for his latest Christian rap audio cd, The Thesis, and laid a much needed foundation for his current ministry campaign—“hip hop missions.” Duce is married to Michelle and they have four children together.