16 Dec 2008

There's No Place Like Home for the Holidays...

I'm excited to be home for Christmas this year and be able to enjoy celebrating the Saviors birth around those i love... though as i travelled home yesterday i realized that i'll never truly be at home here on this earth.

If home is where the heart is, well parts of my heart are all over the world. So in one sense "i'm home" and in another i'm not home yet. There are still people i love around the world that i won't get to see this Christmas including many who are dear to my heart in Poland.

I'm also still writing exams for school and finishing papers. It is exam week, but my exams are all online so i knew i could take them from Canada!


Tyler and Melinda said...

I said that to my mom this year. All our friends are spread out all over the world, people I've spent other Christmas holidays with and would love to again. It is a nice to treat to be with family this year, too.
It worked out nicely that you could "take your exams" with you to Canada and be home a bit longer. Are you in a winter wonderland up there?