13 Nov 2008

Whirlwind Tour - Hamilton, CANADA

I just arrived back in Dallas... It was so fun to see some of you at the Josiah Venture 2x3 Event in Hamilton... Minnesota... Denver. How amazing to be reminded of how great our God is and what He is doing in Eastern Europe. It was a blessing to see my family, spend a week with the Hashes, be with Marta (my old Polish roommate) and Billy and to see so many people who have given so much and been in Poland. It was strange to see some of them on American soil, as our usual 'meeting place' is in Polish terrain. Here are some pictures from the first stop. CANADA

Greg at Niagara Falls
Beautiful Autumn Leaves

The Hash Family at the Falls
Jacob Hash - i love this kid!
Dan & Laura
My team plus my dad :)
Me, my sister Jen and Clark