26 Nov 2008

NFL Football Game

I realized on the way to Arrowhead Stadium that I have NEVER been to an NFL game before... growing up in Canada, it was more natural for me to frequent CFL games (although i have only been to a few of those).

Ania, David, Megan (their big sister) and I all loaded into Megan's car after church and made our way to the crowded parking lot and into the madness... I must stay American football at it's best! Arrowhead is a loud stadium with the combination of the vastness of the Baseball stadium and the rowdiness of the Hockey Arena! Arrowhead Stadium hold 50,000 and the kids were just a little scared... nothing to this scale exists in Poland.

The Chiefs lost but it was worth it all for the experience! Here are some pictures of our day...


Kurt said...

Go Bills!

Come on Krista -- thought you would have been cheering for your "local" team from Buffalo. LOL