13 Nov 2008

Next Stop - Minneapolis

After less than 48 hours in Canada. We left the land of Swiss Chalet and Tim Hortons and beautiful warm fall weather for another world... As our plane landed in Minnesota it was snowing! Temperature freezing! Good thing i picked up my winter coat in Canada!

We drove up to Brainerd a little town in Northern Minnesota where it turned out it was the opening of hunting season. What an interesting experience that was! We stayed with some dear friends to JV, the Gaalswyks and even put on a smaller version of the vision night for close to 70 people who would not be able to make the 2.5 hr trek to Minneapolis the next day.

After the mini-event i went home with my dear friend Marta. We had a great time catching up and i even went to a seminary class with her at Bethel to 'make up for' some of the ones i missed!

America culture shock... the Mall of America... it has a roller coaster in it!

Marta and her husband Billy in their apartment in Minneapolis