13 Nov 2008

Next Stop - Denver

In Denver we were greeted by teammate Alice Robbins and met up with Daniel Eifling thus almost bringing our Poland team to completion! (we missed you Iwona, Susan & Heidi) We also met 2 couples that are interested in joining JV. I got to go to a really neat Mexican restaurant where there was a guy jumping off a waterfall (literally) in the middle of the restaurant!!!

There were over 300 people at the vision night in Devner and i thought that i would not know many people but it turned out there were MANY that i did know from past English Camps, interns and other teams. The dessert was AMAZING, chocolate covered strawberries! And the presentation was pretty good too :)

Poles in America!
(my dear friends Lukasz and Jola were with us the whole time too! this is them in front of Laura's sisters house in Denver!)
Laura and Alice
Me with the Washingtons & the Blairs


majka said...

Krysia! swietne fotki bez wyjatku;) Ty to masz oko;] super Cie bylo uslyszec;* z Bogiem!

,,Jak jelen pragnie wod plynacych, tak dusza moja pragnie Ciebie, Boze! Dusza moja pragnie Boga, Boga zywego. Kiedyz przyjde i ukaze sie przed obliczem Boga? ,,Ps. 42

Tyler and Melinda said...

Wow! I had no idea they were all coming to NA and you were meeting up with them. That's so exciting and I'm sure such a treat after being away for a few months. The Lord does amazing and marvelous things.