24 Nov 2008

Being with Ania

I just got home from a trip to Kansas City, MO where i got to visit with some great friends that i met in Poland. I stayed with Lori Harris, who i have grown to love and had the privilege of hanging out with her family (she has the coolest kids!) and i also got to meet up with Ron and Wanda Barnes and a highlight of the trip was spending time with the White family and their new kids.

Mark and Nancy adopted David and Ania from Poland a year and a half ago. It was a truly amazing thing to play with Ania in English, when since i have known her we have only ever spoken in Polish. Ania now speaks perfect English and is a very happy 10-year old. I continue to marvel at the picture that adoption is... and how Christ has given us all a hope and a future and a new life in Him.

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