10 Sep 2008

Creativity Defined

I am taking a creativity class with Hendricks. He asked us to come up with our own definition of Creativity... he gave us 'creative freedom' to express it however we wanted... i thought i would share with you what i came up with...

“Creativity Defined” is the name of my photo.

When I think of creativity I marvel at the way God has created the flowers, the trees; the unique patterns and colours and shapes that he used; the scents, the textures. To me creativity first and foremost begins and is found in God. But it is manifested in his creation, both in nature and in people. I often wonder at the creativity and innocence found in children and the spontaneity of the human spirit. I find it intriguing how people all throughout time have used imagination and creative ability to build cities and cultures. I love the beauty that is manifested in the variety not only found in nature but found in people and in culture. Our world is a truly awe-inspiring place. I love to capture it through photography. It’s a way to show the world “Look what the Lord has done!”

C – modern day Prague through a city gate
R – a colourful, patterned Spanish tile found in Cadiz, Spain
E – columns still standing in Ancient Corinth
A – multicoloured flowers from the Greek Isles
T – a 10-year-old Polish girl from an orphanage (Justyna)
I – a birch tree from northern Canada
V – flowers arranged for a bride
I – Polish youth group kids
T – a cross in the sunset of Southern Spain
Y – maple leaves in perfect formation in Canada


Eric Asp said...

Great photo collage. You should get an "A+" for that assignment.

Laura said...

You are SO creative! Besides, love those flowers!