10 Feb 2008

Kochac, nie kochac?

On Saturday we had our monthly youth event, MOOSK. It was a blast! The theme was relationships as valentines day is approaching and it was just really fun for me this time to work with the kids and see them use their talents. It is neat to watch God create a sub-culture of youth in Poland and that these kids can have a place that is 'their own' to discover, serve and worship God.

I was in one of the churches that i work with in the morning and again i was reminded how often the church misses this age group... how they can get forgotten, left behind, left out... and yet in them lies the future of the church. I long to see a young generation that will bring lives of worship before the king, and i count it a great privilege to help create an environment where they really enjoy life, God and community with each other... i can only pray that it will have lasting effect in their lives.