25 Nov 2007

Thankful for the Love of the Father...

Our JV family thanksgiving in the Czech Republic was full of fun, football, turkey and Settlers... but the thing that i will most remember is Dave's teaching on the heart of the Father.

It was deep. I am still processing it... here are 2 things i remember most...

1. that God delights in me.

Dave showed us a video clip from "The Patriot" which was incredibly moving and so vividly depicts the heart of the Father to connect with his child... in the movie his daughter hasn't spoken a word... he loves her but he CAN'T connect with her- but he SO longs to... one word is all he wants... he moves towards her and she steps away in fear... and then she finally lets him in... she lets him love her. delight in her. protect her.

how much my heavenly Father longs for me to accept the love he is offering... to let him move towards me, embrace me, delight in me, and protect me... what a beautiful picture of a father delighting in his daughter...

2. that so often i act like an adopted child instead of a legitimate 'son'

I love hearing the hearts and lives of our other missionaries. During Dave's talk we all have time to share and process with each other. Something Lisa Renzo shared really has remained in my heart and mind.

The Renzo's live in Latvia and about 3 years ago they adopted a little boy. They have 3 other kids as well but Lisa shared how much she is learning through him about what it means to be adopted... how her little boy often will come into the kitchen and complains that he is thirsty. He doesn't ask for a drink of water, believing his mom loves and cares for his needs. He complains about his situation.

They are trying to help him to learn to trust them... to trust their heart towards him, that they love him and care for him and that he can ask. She painted a beautiful picture of how her little boys lack of trust in his parents hearts so often represents our lack of trust in the Fathers heart towards us... Oh, how our Father loves it when we need him! How often do i sit and complain about things in my life, insteading asking my Father who loves me and CARES for my needs... for a glass of water.

Words feel insufficient to explain all that is going on in my heart. oh how thankful i am for the love of the Father. For it is in Him that my identity is found and regardless what message the world or people around me may send, the truth is i am fully accepted, treasured, loved and delighted in by the Father. ...i think i God is beginning to get through. May the love of the Father touch you today... may you be moved, even overwhelmed with his love, delight and care for you as his child!