16 Sep 2007

MOOSK Weekend

This weekend i got to hang out with some of my favourite people- the MOOSk gang. We reflected on what God did last year, at camp and what He is in the process of doing. It was so fun to hear what he is teaching them, and teaching me about who He is. I watched amazed as they spoke, almost not recognized the kids i met a year ago when i moved here. By God's grace they are becoming more and more men and women after his own heart with a heart for a lost world.

We also spent time thinking about what this year will look like and how we can use our city wide meeting, MOOSK, to strengthen our individual youth groups. What a blessing it is to live in community! During the weekend i realized again what a testimony it is to a lost world where obsecure "denominations" are seen as sects that we stand unifed and claim one truth, Christ resurrected and life in Him alone!