1 Aug 2007

Hike DAY!

We had a great day on the hike with the campers! We hiked (rather quickly!)half an hour up the mountain to a recreational park where we had fun riding the slides! Afterwards we had a campfire and kielbasa roast at the Baptist church in the mountain town (Krynica) where we were! It was a great day and gave us time to relate to campers outside of the school and daily routine of camp.

Today is Army day and the kids are busy planning English and afternoon games to go along with the theme! Pictures to come :)

Tomorrow's topic is "Failure" please be praying for this as it is a pretty heavy topic to allow campers to see the depth of their failure and their need of help outside of themselves in a saviour.


Anonymous said...

hey sounds like everyone is having a great time. Thanks for the updates and the photos are great.
love to all the team.

Anonymous said...

This is awesome. Krynica is beautiful. Patryk should remember. He was 7 years old when he “climbed” ‘Gora Parkowa’.

Anonymous said...

The photos are amazing! Everyone is looking great! People at work are asking how the team is doing. Praying for each of you and for the youth you are meeting. Hugs to you all.

Jeff and Lori (Katie's parents) in Barrie