14 May 2007

O Happy Day!

What a day of celebration today was! We had church today in Dan and Laura Hashes backyard and 7 people decided to make a public proclamation of their faith through Baptism. I love our church. When i say that i mean i love the people in our church and the freedom and realness of their lives and our community. Each of the people that were baptized were allowed to chose who would baptize them and pray for them and it was a great honour when Kasia told me she would like me to baptize her.

It has been amazing to watch Kasia come to life over the past month after a hard transition into college and moving away from home. Her desire for God just grows. Kasia and her brother Jasiu (our youth leader) have made brave decisions to follow after Christ even though their dad is violently opposed to God.

As I listened to the testimony of the 7 people who were baptized today i was filled with joy at how individually and intimately God meets each of us on our journey... in our search for life... in our search for Him.

They overcame him (Satan) by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony! Revelation 12.11