1 Nov 2006

to Poznan and Back

... life has been a whirlwind lately. i needed to go to Poznan to finalize the sale of my apartment, unplanned. For those of you who know me, i would rather have a schedule and time to organize my trip. Especially for this trip, since it was in many ways closing my life in Poznan. But in the midst of it all - God was. I am so thankful that i serve the great I AM and that no matter what winds or storms may come in life i have a solid rock on which i can stand and an every present help and friend. My time in Poznan was great and i am very relieved to officially "not own" and apartment!

Upon arriving home my roommate had planned a pyjama party/sleep over for 4 little girls we know at our apartment!! crAziNess!! We watched SPY kids 1&2 (in Polish) and ate french fries and popcorn! You can see the craziness below...