21 Oct 2006

A new Subway in Krakow!!!

Sometimes it's the little things in life that makes me REALLY happy! Like discovering a SUBWAY in Krakow last wednesday when i accompanied my roommate to her university to see where she teaches!! I had a great time with another friend, Iwona, then we hit the new MALL!! It is great and to make it even better she told me there was a subway upstairs... To be honest i doubted her... not that she is not a trustworthy person, i guess i just didn't want to get my hopes up too high to find that in fact it was not true. But sure enough, i had a teryaki chicken sub for dinner :) The mall also has a ton of great stores, and this very unique way of making one feel, upon walking through the main doors, like one is in America!

I love Krakow. I simply had a wonderful day with my roomate Marta, my friend Iwona, the newly opened "Galeria" mall in Krakow and SUBWAY! I decided on the way home in the car with Marta that it would be good to visit Krakow once a month, in this way i can build my friendship with Iwona, who is on my team, and pregnant and alone with her husband who is learning Polish right now... and of course get my monthly SUBWAY fix!! God is good :)


Eric Asp said...

I know exactly what you mean about the little comforts of home, Krista... Subway must be making some serious inroads throughout Europe, because we also just got a new one in Amsterdam a couple of weeks ago! We've already eaten there a couple of times (the Italian BMT is my favorite)...